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What methods do you apply in teeth whitening?2019-06-10T20:13:15+02:00

The staff at Barjaktarevic Dental Office will suggest the best and the safest method for whitening your teeth that will help you achieve lasting results.

The systems that Barjaktarevic Dental Office applies are accredited and supported by numerous scientific studies guaranteeing that no tooth and gum damage can occur from treatments.

Do you treat kids?2019-06-10T20:13:19+02:00

Barjaktarevic Dental Office devotes special attention when it comes to treating kids.
Each dentist deems it a huge achievement when they gain their patient’s trust from an early age, which makes it lasting profit for the child patient, and later for the adult patient.

What types of dental fillings are there?2019-06-10T20:13:24+02:00

Depending on the material, dental fillings can be composite (white fillings), amalgam (black or silver fillings), glass ionomer fillings, compomers, gold fillings, and finally ceramic fillings (onlays, inlays).

What is a facet?2019-06-10T20:13:34+02:00

Ceramic dental facets, or popularly called veneers, pose a thin ceramic layer which is, in most cases, placed only over the outer surface of the tooth, thus enabling natural appearance. There are some places where facets are called flakes.

When do we need to have dental crowns placed?2019-06-10T20:13:38+02:00

If you have one or more missing teeth or have lost the crown part of a tooth, or you bite with anterior teeth only, then you need to make your dentist appointment in order to evaluate the necessity for tooth crown planting.

How are implants placed?2019-06-10T20:13:44+02:00

Despite a great number of implant-systems on the market, Barjaktarevic Dental Office has chosen a Swedish implant system called “Astra Tech”.

What are implants and when do we need to have them placed?2019-06-10T20:13:49+02:00

Dental implants (also usually called tooth implants) are the most natural way to restore your natural teeth. A dental implant is placed in the space where a root used to be, and it takes over the root’s role. By dental implants amazing results can be achieved when it comes to the restoration and function of natural teeth.

Why are regular dental check-ups necessary?2019-06-10T20:13:54+02:00

There are not so many people who have regular dental checkups – they tend to have them only when problems arise. This phenomenon is known as “dental emergency treatment” as opposed to “preventive treatment”. Even though such patients may think they save money by not having regular dental check-ups – it’s quite the opposite – this turns out to be a much more expensive solution. This appears to be so because numerous diseases, which may contract, have no symptoms until they reach an advanced stage. Such example can be cavities. An affected tooth shows no symptoms until the cavities are advanced and get close to “the nerve”, when a pain follows. A dentist is the one who can detect cavities at an early stage.

What do I do with sensitive teeth?2019-06-10T20:13:59+02:00

Some foods, fruit, tea, and soda drinks can aggravate tooth sensitivity. There are also some special preparations which significantly reduce or often completely eradicate tooth sensitivity. Such preparations are applied at dental offices by dentists. After a certain amount of time passes, you can notice that your teeth are less sensitive.

What do I do about bleeding gums?2019-06-10T20:14:04+02:00

Bleeding gums are usually a symptom of an existing disease – gingivitis or parodontopathy. The mistake that patients most often make when they see bleeding gums is that they stop brushing their teeth thinking this triggers the bleeding. Quite the opposite! The bleeding appears as a result of a disease which contracted due to poor oral hygiene maintenance. If you notice bleeding gums, make a dentist appointment.

I wear complete dentures… Do I still need to visit a dentist?2019-06-10T20:14:09+02:00

Visits to dentists are more than a simple dental checkup. Although the patients wearing complete dentures do not have to worry about cavities development, they still need to visit their dentist for regular checkups. Even though there are no more teeth left in the mouth, it does not mean that diseases cannot develop. Two visits a year are highly recommended (on a 6-month basis) where the condition of soft tissue (oral mucosa and gums) is evaluated, including the jawbone tissue. Also, the estimation whether dentures are still proper or new ones are needed is carried out during those check-ups. Routine check-ups can prevent serious disease from contracting.

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