Cad Cam stomatologija

Cad Cam dentistry

Dentistry has got a new powerful ally, computer technology in the form of a CadCam system. CAD-CAM  is the acronym that stands for Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing.

Advantages of CAD-CAM system:

  • good functional comfort
  • enhanced accuracy
  • digital impression (without using spoons and impression paste)
  • special ceramic types are used with natural teeth features
  • high aesthetic standards of prosthetics
  • longevity of the prosthetics
  • a time-saver, one visit only

Cad Cam dentistry

In modern dentistry Cad-Cam technology is used to facilitate and assist stomatologists and dental technicians in making precise dental prosthetics: inlays, onlays, endocrowns, crowns, facets and bridges, etc. The advantage of Cad- Cam technology is the simplification of standard procedure, significantly enhanced accuracy, speed of work and visible aesthetic improvement in making prosthetics. What was previously being worked on for days, and required several visits at the dentists’, today is done in one or perhaps two visits.

Digital technology (CadCam) provides for increased functional comfort, speed of service delivery, and quality prosthetics.

Barjaktarevic Dental Office is the leader in this area

After a long-standing usage of Cad-Cam system, we are pleased to say we are leaders in this area in stomatology in this part of the world. By using the latest Cad-Cam system with digital 3D OmniCam camera, the most accurate digital models are produced. Together with Cerec MCXL we now have a new freedom to design from ceramic bridges to aesthetic ceramic suprastructures for the implants in frontal region.

If you would like to see the price list for our Cad Cam services feel free to contact us through contact page on our website.

Cad Cam facets and metal free crowns

Individual ceramic suprastructures