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Dental implants

Healthy teeth are the basis of a healthy body, and it is not a secret that today a beautiful smile  is an aesthetic imperative. A loss of one or more teeth can have significant consequences to a patient’s life – doesn’t only impede aesthetics and facial features, but also causes disfigured chewing and threatens conditon of the remaining teeth.

Dental implants are a substitute for a missing tooth and thus they function in the same way as natural teeth. The advantages of dental implants:

  • The most comfortable solution
  • Excellent functional results
  • The best aesthetical solution
  • Preserve tonus of jawbone
  • Provide a natural looking gums

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We use the most advanced implant system

Astra Tech Sirona Dentsply provides long-term results, with the following features:

  • (OsseoSpeed) For more bone surrounding implant in shorter time frame
  • (MicroThread) For bone preservation
  • (Conical Seal Design) For stronger connection with the tooth
  • (Connective Contour) For healthy and aesthetically pleasing tissues

Dental implant procedure

Dental process goes as follows: a tooth implant is installed into a bone and replaces tooth root, thus provides a solid support for the new tooth.  The intervention is done with local anesthesia, painlessly. Dental implant process takes approximately 30 minutes per tooth.

Once an implant is stabilized and grows into the bone, (after 1 to 4 months), prosthetics process can be initiated.

Prosthetics on the implant can be fixed or mobile. Fixed prosthetic bonding is done by cementing or screwing.  Mobile prosthetics bonding is provided with special systems.

What makes us stand out

At the Dental Office Barjaktarevic we use patient-specific suprastructures that are tailored to a patient thanks to CadCam technology.  Therefore, all imperfections are removed and we can guarantee to our patients enhanced functionality, longevity and exceptional aesthetical features of the dental implant.

Patient-specific suprastructures remove all the shortcomings of the prosthetics made on  manufactured suprastructures.

The advancement of CadCam technology enabled us to shape receding gum at the earliest stages after the implant is installed, and to design patient-specific suprastructures. By doing so, we can provide superb aesthetic and functional results.

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