Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with treating affected or traumatized tooth pulp.

When a tooth cron is damaged, followed by a chronic or accute pain due to advanced cavity or trauma, tooth pulp is harmed. In such instances it is necessary to perform endodontic treatment i.e. “tooth nerve removal“. Endodontics deals with the health of tooth nerve (pulpe) and the tissue surrounding tooth root.

At Barjaktarevic Dental Office we use the latest appliances and instruments in order to make endodontic treatments less traumatic for the patient and efficient for the dentist. By doing so, pulp removal and follow-up procedures are done painlessly in one visit.

You can forget about never-ending visits, long sitting in the chair, root canal treatment, tooth canal extention in numerous sessions.

How do we go about endodontic treatment?

The goal of endodontic treatment is tooth pulp removal, cleaning and shaping root canal so that bacteria spread and the spread of their products in periapecal area is prevented. Endodontic treatment starts with opening of the cavity, whose shape is determined by the position of entry into tooth root canals. Upon the examiniation of the canal, crown, and then the middle third of the root canal is cleaned.

Once the first 2/3 of canal are cleaned, the dentist starts with determining the canal length. Working length is the distance from the canal entry to the apical constriction. Apical constriction is the border between pulp and periodoncium tissue.  Methods for determining working length are: radiographic measurement, measurement with apex locator, tactil-sensor method. The best results are achieved by combining these three methods. Once the working length is determined, root canal is processed.

Root canal process can be done:

  • manually – with steel and Ni-Ti systems
  • automated – with Ni-Ti instruments and rotary systems
  • combined method – both manual and automated

After appropriate root canal cleaning, it is filled with adequate substances which concludes this portion of the intervention.

Endodonthic treatment cost depends on numerous factors; if you would like to see our pricelist, please contact us.

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