Oralna hirurgija

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a dentistry branch which cures diseases of soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity, which cannot be cured by a conservative therapy. The scope of oral surgery encompasses routine tooth extractions, complex tooth extractions, removal of retained roots, root tip surgery, removal of growths on bones, soft tissue correction, cyst extractions and alterations in jaw bones, etc.

Oral surgery is a specialist branch of dentistry which concerns a diagnostics and surgical treatment of dental irregularities and pathologic alterations of teeth, soft tissues and bone structures of the orofacial region.

When it comes to oral surgery, Barjaktarevic Dental Office performs all types of procedures.

Oral surgery quite often serves the purpose of other areas of dentistry as well, and its application can be found in the preparations for some other kinds of procedures from the field of implantology and orthodontics.

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Extraction of wisdom teeth and root tips