We have already talked a lot about a beautiful smile, and how it affects your self-confidence, people looking at you, the ones you care about, or the ones who care about you. There is no empirical proof, but is seems like it is one of the roads that leads to well-being.

Toothline is sometimes irregular, or teeth are unequally or insufficiently developed, or perhaps there is simply “something” you don’t like about your toothline. These imperfections may be something you were born with, might be circumstantial or because of a careless patient. Othododontics – a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with diagnoses and treatment of dental bone system imperfections.

The goal of orthodontic therapy is resolving both health and aesthetical issue through fixing imperfection of tooth position and “bad bite”.

  • Is there something you don’t like about your teeth position or alignment?
  • Do you have any problems while chewing (“bad bite”) or an occasional jaw pain?
  • Are you having second thoughts about orthodontic treatment?
  • Have you always been told that there is nothing you can do, that is has to stay that way?

Orthodontic therapy isn’t only intended for kids and teenagers age group; nowadays there is barely any limiting factor when it comes to age and braces. Adult success rate equals the youth rate, and results are outstanding thanks to our expert team and our clients’ patience.

Two types of devices are used in orthodontic therapy: removable and fixed.

Depending on dentition, a patient’s age, as well as the issue that needs to be solved, we opt for either mobile or fixed braces. In some instances a combined treatment is needed.

Fixed devices, i.e. fixed braces can be placed on outer and inner tooth surface, which makes them less visible. Installed brackets can be made of metal or ceramic, as well as of composite materials.

Don’t let your dilemmas burden you. Visit the office and together with your dentist consider your issue – jointly you will reach a conclusion whether you need braces, and if the answer is affirmative, then which one.  You will hear a detailed explanation what you can expect and in what timeframe.

Maybe you will hear for the first time that it is feasible what you have always been told it was impossible.

Fixed and removable braces price depends on numerous factors. For further information on price list for all orthodontics services,  feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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