Preventivna stomatologija

Preventive Dental Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Routine dental checkups are the most efficient protection against the development of tooth and gum diseases.

According to the latest research, oral cavity and tooth diseases are ever-increasing problem of a modern society.

Unfortunately, it has been revealed that certain systemic disease (cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, leukemia, HIV, etc.) are closely related to tooth and soft tissue diseases.

The Most Common Tooth and Oral Cavity Diseases

Three most common diseases in contemporary dentistry are dental cavities, parodontopathy (periodontitis) and malignant oral cavity diseases.

The very aim of preventive dental care is to prevent a disease from developing, and on top of that, it is to raise patients’ awareness of the significance of proper and regular maintenance of oral hygiene. Proper tooth brushing and oral hygiene are of key importance if you want to wear a healthy smile.

The habit to maintain proper oral hygiene significantly reduces the risk of tooth and gum diseases, and therefore special attention should be devoted to forming this habit from the earliest age.

Secondary prevention includes early procedures, which are used when diseases (cavities or parodontopathy) need to be prevented from further development.

Proper Nutrition and Tooth Health

Since the role of healthy and proper nutrition must not be forgotten when it comes to prevention of tooth and gum diseases, our patients are always, in our dental office,  provided with a Guide on nutrition for different ages in order to improve or maintain a good tooth and soft tissue condition.

The team of doctors at Barjaktarevic Dental Office is always there for you when it comes to education and/or training in proper tooth brushing, oral hygiene maintenance, nutrition and any other topic that a patient may find interesting.

Prevention is always the best choice. For prices of dental checkups, please feel free to contact us.

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