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Teeth whitening

A frequent question our patients ask is: “How come my teeth are not as white and radiant as they used to be?“

The answer to this question is complex as many factors, both external and internal have influence on teeth and cause changes to their color over time.

External factors include smoking, consumption of coffee, tea, wine, red wine, etc. Internal factors include the dentine color, enamel translucency, intake of medication, aging, etc.

Barjaktarevic Dental Office personnel will suggest the best and the safest teeth whitening method that will have permanent results.

Systems that are applied at Barjaktarevic Dental Office are accredited and supported with numerous scientific studies that guarantee that the treatment will not damage teeth or gums.

Tooth whitening methods

There are several tooth whitening methods:

  • In-office tooth whitening – In-office whitening treatment with “BriteSmile“ lamp. The results are visible after 45 minutes only. The process itself is pleasant, painless, and the results are lasting for over a year. All you need to do is to sit back and wait for your brand new smile.
  • Tooth whitening at home – Prior to whitening, your teeth impression is taken to design a model on which teeth whitening foils will be made. Foils are filled with special gel “Opalescence“ which contains some carbamide peroxide percentage. Depending on the gel concentration and desired result, our team will recommend the time frame for applying the foils.
  • Nonvital teeth bleaching – Tooth trauma and inadequatly endodontically treated teeth are the most common cause of tooth discoloration. By dissolving blood components from the tooth pulp,  the iron is released which affects the coloring of remaining tooth substance.

Tooth whitening process goes as follows:

  1. Debris and old filling are removed and root channel is examined
  2. Soft tissue protection is placed around the tooth
  3. 40% hydrogen peroxide “Opalescence Endo“ is applied into the channel from the inner tooth side and then entire fronal teeth surface is covered too. Bleaching agent is left sit on the tooth for the next 10 minutes, and the effect can be expedited and improved with the helio lamp.  If needed, the process can be repeated up to three times per visit, which is the end of the treatment.

It is very important to stress that in some cases it is necessary to combine different bleaching methods so that satisfactory aesthetic results are accomplished.

If you would like to find out more about teeth whitening cost, call us.