Dental facets or widely known as veneers (ceramic flakes) are a thin layer of ceramic that is most commonly placed only onto frontal tooth surface, to achieve a natural appearance. Veneers can be ceramic or composite.

The term facet originates from French (Fr. facette) which was used for well polished precious stones or glass. Similarly, in dentistry facets give a perfect smile, because thanks to them we can remove all the imperfections in tooth shape or position, which will result in a flawless teeth line.

Purpose of veneers

  • Modify tooth shape, position and color
  • The most convenient solution for a beautiful smile
  • Close the gaps between teeth
  • Superb aesthetic results are achieved

Dental veneers are used for solving aesthetic issues, mostly with frontal teeth. Since minimal tooth surface preparation is required, they are not convenient for severe tooth damages. They are placed on teeth without any, or only minimal preparation (drilling).

Veneer fabrication usually takes a single visit.

Dental veneer price list can be found here, and for any additional questions you can reach out to us through our contact page.