Price List2019-06-10T21:20:09+02:00

Price List

Dental checkup2019-06-10T20:38:22+02:00


Service Price
Dental checkup 20
Dental checkup including a written report 40
RDG dental 4
Conservative and Causal Tooth Treatment2019-06-10T20:35:11+02:00
Service Price
Removal of dental plaque & tartar per session 25
Tooth polishing 20
BriteSmile in-office teeth whitening (per jaw) 110
At-home teeth whitening (per jaw) 150
Class I composite filling 35
Class II composite filling 45
Class III composite filling 50
Class IV composite filling 60
Class V composite filling 35
MOD composite filling 60
Composite facet 80 -120
Placement of FRC posts 75
Service Price
Vital pulp extirpation of a single-canal tooth, Ahplus+GP filling, temp. filling 100
Vital pulp extirpation of a two-canal tooth, Ahplus+GP filling, temp. filling 120
Vital pulp extirpation of a three-canal tooth, Ahplus+GP filling, temp. filling 130
Vital pulp extirpation of a four-canal tooth, Ahplus+GP filling, temp. filling 140
Dental gangrene treatment (per session) 30
Dental prosthetic treatment2019-06-10T20:28:21+02:00
Service Price
Temporary crown 25-40
Temporary crown PMMA CadCam 80
Porcelain-fused-to metal crown 140-180
Porcelain-fused-to metal on the implant 220
Porcelain-fused-to metal crown with a ceramic edge on the implant 250
Metal restoration MODEL 60
Metal-free crown CAD CAM 280-330
Metal-free facet – veneer CAD CAM 290
Ceramic endocrown 140-250
Acrylic partial denture 300
Skeleton partial denture 650
Placement of attachment – pair 200
Complete dentures Od 350
Denture reparation 50-100
Single ceramic suprastructure on the implant 200
Implant suprastructure – standard (titanium) 150-180
Oral Surgery and periodontology2019-06-10T20:23:45+02:00
Service Price
Tooth extraction 25-150
Curettage and deep cleaning of a periodontal pocket (per tooth) 25
Gingivectomy 60
Abscessed tooth drainage 20
Flap surgery (Modified Widman Flap) per tooth 75
Plica or frenulum surgical correction 90
Free mucogingival graft 160
Root resection – apicoectomy 180
Cystectomy 240
Service Price
Mini-implant placement 290 250
Endosseous implant placement – SLA type 800 720
Endosseous implant placement – Standard 750 690
Placement of Bio- Gide membrane 140 100
Bio-Os placement 90 70
Orthodontic treatment2019-06-10T20:13:09+02:00
Service Price
Removable orthodontic device with screw and attachments 450
Fixed orthodontic device (per jaw) 800-1250
Active aligners – INVISALIGN 120 (per aligner)
Retention appliance 100

A single advance payment for the work is 50%

In case of calling off the work, the costs incurred up to that point must be reimbursed.

*1 point – equals the value of 1€

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